8/30/19 Show and Notes

FULL SHOW NOTES: TRUMP NEWS @Can2GeterDone – FED Chairman #JeromePowell‘s Disasterous Decisions Give #China the Upper Hand, Melt the US Economy, https://twitter.com/Can2geterdone/status/1167227433214304256?s=20 Madeleine Westerhout @MadWest45 FIRED LEAKER personal assistant to @POTUS @ArthurSchwartz – I’ve heard from two reporters…

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8/29/19 Show and Notes

FULL SHOW NOTES: TRACK THE STATUS OF OUR WALL https://www.trumpwall.construction/ TRUMP NEWS @BrianPSmyth – Republican Ralph Abraham is causing Liberals to go crazy over his new ad campaign for Governor of Louisiana. https://twitter.com/BrianPSmyth/status/1167071178449661952?s=20…

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8/28/19 Show and Notes

FULL SHOW NOTES: TRUMP NEWS PROMISES MADE G7 Summit Ended @realDonaldTrump – 1/3 Just returned to Washington from France and the very successful G-7 https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1166176076952940544?s=20   2/3 In France we are all laughing…

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8/23/19 Show and Notes

FULL SHOW NOTES: TRUMP NEWS SPY GATE CEO Overstock Patrick Byrne –@SoarOnTheWingshttps://twitter.com/UnitedVoteRed/status/1164714123919335425?s=20 @WinstonCovfefe – Russia Probe Twist: A Redheaded Russian ‘Spy’ (Gun Rights Activist Maria Butina), A Billion Dollar CEO, The…

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8/22/19 Show and Notes

FULL SHOW NOTES: TRUMP NEWS @JustSayTruthNow – The @POTUS just signed an executive order cancelling all student loan debt for disabled #Veterans.  https://twitter.com/Justsaytruthnow/status/1164340547403886592?s=20 VIDEO@ALX @LifeNewsHQ – We stand with President Trump over Planned Parenthood and MSNBC https://twitter.com/LifeNewsHQ/status/1164321285012373504?s=20 @JudicialWatch –…

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8/21/19 Show and Notes

FULL SHOW NOTES: #DisloyalToTrump @VickyForT45 – The popular vote, sweet cheeks, was centralized to just a tiny little area. https://twitter.com/VickyForT45/status/1164034446078513153?s=20  @Barracuda_Bella – AOC needs to find another buzz word because using racist is laughable https://twitter.com/Barracuda_Bella/status/1164140465052106753?s=20…

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8/19/19 Shownotes

FULL SHOW NOTES: TRUMP NEWS RALLY New Hampshire @Cocoa_Bean10 – 1/2  Welcoming PrezTrump in the Blue state of New Hampshire https://twitter.com/Cocoa_Bean10/status/1162177659599806464?s=20 2/2 “I’m the President of The USA not the President of the…

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8/14/19 Shownotes

FULL SHOW NOTES: TRUMP NEWS @JustSayTruthNow – US signs contract to purchase Iron Dome system from Israel. https://twitter.com/Justsaytruthnow/status/1161475503167082496?s=20 @WinstonCovfefe – Which one is safer, a man in burka or a blonde wearing motorcycle…

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8/13/19 Shownotes

FULL SHOW NOTES: TRUMP ECONOMY @GOPChairwoman – While 2020 Democrats like Joe Biden threaten to eliminate all fossil fuels and wipe out Michigan’s auto industry, @realDonaldTrump is putting American workers first. https://twitter.com/GOPChairwoman/status/1160646424096378887?s=20 @SoarOnTheWings – Hong…

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