6/7/19 Shownotes

FULL SHOW NOTES: @realDonaldTrump – HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our great @VP Mike Pence!https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1137007514166255621 Remembering 75th D Day @MazurikL – @realDonaldTrump Trump JAW DROPPING Speech in Normandyhttps://twitter.com/MazurikL/status/1136669364026073088 @realDonaldTrump – Ran Through The Fires Of Hell#DDay7t5thAnniversaryhttps://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1136710407501037569 @JohnMcGeever70 – President Trump…

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6/6/19 Shownotes

FULL SHOW NOTES BECOMING A VERY DANGEROUS AMERICAN @DoingRight1 – If you’re not familiar with D’Souza he is incredible.https://twitter.com/DoingRight1/status/1136568753863430145 D DAY REMEMBERED 6-6-1944 NRN Article: https://newrightnetwork.com/2019/06/d-day.html/ @PressSec Sarah Sanders – Finally, there were…

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6/5/19 Shownotes

FULL SHOW NOTES 6 June 1944 D Day Normandy Beach @RitaCosby – June 6th, 1944https://twitter.com/RitaCosby/status/1136237248704339971 @TheSwampGhost – The paratroopers of the 82nd and 101sthttps://twitter.com/theswampghost/status/1136198394056269824 Video Clips Movie Patton and Veterans Remember @Cajun_Chick_25 – President Trump 75th anniversary…

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6/4/19 Shownotes

FULL SHOW NOTES TRUMP NEWS @watspn1013 – Pelosi & House Dems filed suit in April saying Trump was “stealing from appropriated funds”https://twitter.com/watspn1013/status/1135836640105181184 @katTheHammer1 – WINNING!! U.S. judge dismisses House suit challenging Trump’s…

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6/3/19 Shownotes

FULL SHOW NOTES @JohnMcGeever70 – We’re gonna Make America Great Again!https://twitter.com/JohnMcGeever70/status/1087835464705495040 @McGuireScotty – PRESIDENT TRUMP MAKES A SURPRISE VISIT TO MCLEAN BIBLE CHURCH IN VIENNA,VA. https://twitter.com/McguireScotty/status/1135456055893385216 @RobertDunlap947 – @StarParker  Urban Cure – Jesus Christ Made The…

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5/31/19 Shownotes

FULL SHOW NOTES @GIJoeOPS – For I Am A Soldier In Christ’s Army!https://twitter.com/GIJoeOPS/status/1133622837908889600 @_ROB_29 – Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; https://twitter.com/_ROB_29/status/1134277513423679488 AIR FORCE – @realDonaldTrump  Congratulations to…

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5/30/19 Shownotes

FULL SHOW NOTES @USMINORITY – Brandon Straka #WalkAwayhttps://newrightnetwork.com/2019/05/smythtv!-mueller-crimes-so-russia-hacked-2016.html @Solmemes – He just has to give the feeble minded hope…..everything they do is about slowing down @POTUS….ignore them https://twitter.com/Solmemes1/status/1134069170532954114 BREAKING – @TeaBoots Another Development that flew…

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5/29/19 Shownotes

FULL SHOW NOTES @RNRKentucky – These patriots are amazing, tweeting most days 4 America & @POTUShttps://twitter.com/RNRKentucky/status/1129330196220383234@Trump454545 – @Silver_Fox9 – @MAGAGwen – @Trumpovic02 – @MazurikL – @Boyd_2650 – @Lady_VI_2U – @ – @ChrisRowland9 – @Seecyn5858 – @TeaBoots – @BrianMAGASwagga – @NancyJKoch – @DarHar981 – @Vicky4Trump – @JoeGooding – @KJune65 – @Bmw2163Heart – @TexaLonestar – @alley167 – @Shapina77 –  @RealMAGASteve – @WolfensPride – @Katrina_Wiser – @RealTT2024 – TRUMP NEWS @RealTT2024  – THIS IS REALITYhttps://twitter.com/realTT2024/status/1133681149677490176 @JamieOdr14 – INCREDIBLE!! Hispanics For Trump! I can watch this over…

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5/28/19 Shownotes

FULL SHOW NOTES BREAKING NEWS @WashTimes Supreme Court upholds Indiana’s fetal tissue burial law @BrianPSmythhttps://twitter.com/BrianPSmyth/status/1133382501089648641 REMEMBERING MEMORIAL DAY @ReaganBattalion – “Most of them were boys when they died, they gave up two lives —…

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